Expert Opinion

Doctors, Stylists and Make-up Artists on KeraFiber

We brought KeraFiber Hair Fibres to leading experts in several fields to gather their opinion. 


Dr. Kenneth Mark, M.D., F.A.A.D., F.A.C.M.S., Clinical Assistant Professor NYU Department of Dermatology

“The external application of hair fibres is a practically risk-free process, at a fraction of the cost of a hair transplant, without the risks of an invasive surgical procedure. KeraFiber instantly gives the appearance of thicker, more voluminous hair.” 

Leslie Correa-Stylist, Owner 5th Avenue Capelli D’Oro Salon New York, NY

“To find this new product called KeraFiber and to simply be able to sprinkle the keratin on the hair and in minutes you have the appearance of a full head of hair is really a miraculous product”.

TJ Romeland- Celebrity Makeup Artist, NYC/LA

“Being a celebrity make-up artist for over 17 and a half years, I have seen other products on the market similar to KeraFiber however this product is much better. It’s quicker, more efficient and the most realistic. I use KeraFiber on all of my clients who need the appearance of having a more full head of hair.”

Sarah Allison- RGN, Member of Institute of Trichologist London

"I see a lot of clients in my office distressed when suffering from thinning hair, often questioning if it's normal. They feel terribly self-conscious and also complain how it can affect everyday situations. It's a relief for me to be able to tell them that there are now instant solutions out there with products like KeraFiber, which wasn't around many years ago when I first started in the industry."

Joseph Koniak- Stylist, Owner Joseph Koniak Salons London

"In my salon I see a lot of women and men suffering from thinning hair. It really knocks their confidence and self-esteem and I'm frequently asked what they can do about it. I've recently been introduced to KeraFiber, a great product which is quick and easy to apply and can be incorporated into most hairstyles to mask thinning hair."

 Cat Crawford-Celebrity hair & make-up artist, London

“Some of my clients suffer from hair loss and find it very upsetting, especially when they’re being scrutinised in front of a TV screen or a camera lens for a living. I have been so pleased with the results that can be achieved using KeraFiber. This is a quick and easy way to create fuller, thicker and more natural looking hair. The shades are great and can be blended together for anyone...