Impress Your Man and Use Natural Hair Fibers

Femininity and voluminous, lustrous, and thick hair have long been intimately related. You only need to look as far as Botticelli's Birth of Venus to see that sex appeal and physical attractiveness are closely related to a woman's crowning glory – and have been for centuries. 

Study after study and poll after poll reveals that men find long, healthy hair sexier and more appealing than shorter styles. In one report from the Daily Mail it was claimed that men rate long, shiny, natural hair on women as the most attractive, which is a very common response.


Both men and women alike see long, thick hair as a powerfully attractive attribute for a woman to have; so what happens when your hair is not as full and healthy as it should be?

While baldness is expected and accepted in men (many women find bald men sexy, in fact), thinning hair come with significant stigma for women in our society. Women who suffer from hair loss and hair thinning routinely feel less attractive, less sexy, less womanly and suffer from serious self-esteem problems.

Causes of female hair thinning 

The problem of female hair loss is so sensitive that it is rarely discussed out in the open, yet it is much more common than you may think. Many women choose wigs and drastic surgical procedures to combat their hair loss, keeping their difficulties secret from friends and even family. There are a huge range of reasons why women are affected by hair loss, ranging from the permanent to the temporary. Some of the most common include:


  • Auto immune illnesses such as lupus


  • Stress


  • Side effects from medical treatments


  • Hormonal problems, particularly after pregnancy


  • Poor diet & nutrition


  • Age


  • Heavy use of glue-based hair extensions


  • Genetics

The male gaze


Whether you're suffering from thin hair following health issues, pregnancy or as a result of significant stress in your life, the effects are ultimately the same in most cases: a serious loss of confidence, a detrimental effect on how attractive you feel and the development of major concerns about how attractive you appear to others.

The sad fact is that, whatever the reason behind female hair thinning, society sees poor quality hair as unattractive. It's a deeply ingrained response. Thick, healthy hair in women suggests health, youth and (by extension) fertility – all attractive qualities, particularly to men.

Conversely, thinning suggests ageing and poor health, which is not considered attractive. If hair thinning can be counteracted and improved, attractiveness is boosted – along with self confidence (another very attractive trait in any person!).

Thinning hair solutions for women

So how can women improve the appearance of thinning hair and boost how attractive they feel?

There are a number of different routes. Wigs are a popular choice, giving women a diverse choice of hairstyles and the opportunity to really experiment with their look! Yet good quality wigs can be costly, hot, and uncomfortable and they do not tackle the underlying problem.

For other women, medical treatments are their preferred route, particularly in cases of nutrition- and hormone-based hair loss. Meanwhile, for permanent hair loss brought on by age and conditions such as alopecia, surgery is sought by those with a significant budget and high tolerance for pain.

One new treatment utilises natural hair fibers. Women suffering from all forms of hair thinning can now utilise cutting-edge natural hair fibers to enjoy a more affordable, painless and problem-free path to thicker, more attractive hair.

Specialist products like those available from KeraFiber use keratin imbued with a static charge which creates a powerful bond between women's existing hair follicles and the new, natural-looking fibres. Available in a full range of hair colours, treatment with natural hair fibres can be used every day as part of a morning routine and helps to give the look of full, natural hair throughout the day, come rain or shine.


It's time to talk


At the end of the day, confidence is the key. Every person is beautiful in their own right, but thinning hair can seriously impact confidence, particularly in women. Learning to talk about hair loss and discuss your options is the first step to finding your perfect solution and enjoying a thicker-haired, more confident, happier you.