4 Reasons Why Hair Building Fibers are Better than Wigs for Concealing Hair Loss

Do you ever feel self-conscious about your thinning hair or hair loss? Well, you're not alone. A lot of people are struggling with hair loss these days, and the reasons for it range from stress to male pattern baldness. And if you're looking for a way to solve the problem, you might be wondering whether hair building fibers or wigs are the better option.

So, which is better? Hair building fibers, for sure. Now, let's look at exactly why hair building fibers are a better option than wigs for concealing hair loss so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

1. Hair building fibers are much more affordable than wigs

Hair building fibers offer a more affordable solution for thinning or balding hair compared to wigs. Sure, you can get cheap wigs, but they’re not going to look as natural or be as comfortable as good quality hair building fibers or even a high quality wig.

Hair fibers, also known as hair thickening fibers, are mostly made of keratin protein and attach to existing strands of hair (using static charge) to provide added volume and thickness. These fibers can also be used in conjunction with hair growth treatments to create a fuller appearance. Basically, you can conceal your hair loss with hair fibers while you focus on actually making your hair thicker in other ways.

While wigs may offer more drastic results for those suffering from dramatic hair loss, they are also expensive and require regular maintenance (you have to take care of the hair on your wig just like you would your own hair!). Hair building fibers provide a cost-effective alternative for those looking for thicker locks without breaking the bank.

When searching for the best hair fibers on the market, it's important to consider factors such as ingredients, color options, and longevity. For example, KeraFiber hair building fibers are made of organic keratin protein, come in 9 different colors, are suitable for all hair types, stay on all day without budging, and have been the first choice of well-known stylists for more than a decade.

2. Hair building fibers are easier to apply than wigs and don't require any special skills or expertise

Wigs have long been a popular solution for those looking to temporarily change their hair style or hide thinning hair, but they can often be uncomfortable and difficult to apply. Most people do not have the knowledge or the time to figure out how to lay down a wig! Plus, a badly placed wig can look fake and unattractive, ruining your self-confidence instead of boosting it.

Woman's before and after due to applying hair building fibers. KeraFiber hair building fibers and hairline optimizer also visible.

On the other hand, hair fibers are incredibly easy to use. Simply sprinkle them on areas with thinning hair or baldness, and they will bind to your strands and give you an instant boost of volume. No skills or expertise required! For example, sprinkling and patting KeraFiber hair building fibers onto your scalp takes less than 30 seconds. They seem just like tiny strands of hair and allow your actual hair to be visible, adding to the natural look.

Arguably, hair building fibers offer a great alternative solution for those seeking fuller, thicker hair. At the end of the day, you can simply wash out the hair fibers; with a wig, you have to take it off, brush it out, and store it away properly. So for a quick fix to thinning hair, consider trying out some hair filler fibers.

3. Hair building fibers can be worn in a variety of styles, including up-dos and braids

A lot of people think that they can try out different hairstyles only with wigs. The truth is that you can do the same with hair building fibers!

For example, if you have a sparse scalp but otherwise great hair, you can simply sprinkle on the hair filler fibers onto the bald spots or areas with thinning hair, and then proceed to style the rest of your hair as usual (be it up-dos, braids, or a simply ponytail). In this case, hair fibers provide a much better solution as you can still wear your hair in a variety of styles without having to worry about the process of laying down a wig first. It's also a good idea to go for hairstyles that suit thinning hair and appear to add volume, because then the hair building fibers will act as an added bonus.

The only thing you need to be careful of is not to put too much pressure on your scalp when styling, as this might cause the fibers to come out. If you're using KeraFiber hair building fibers, you can use the Fiber Hold Spray as well to doubly make sure that the hair fibers stay put all day.

4. Hair building fibers are much more discreet than wigs and will not attract attention from others

If you're searching for a hair thickening solution that is discreet and natural looking, hair filler fibers may be the answer. Their tiny fibers attach to hair strands to instantly thicken hair and fill in thinning areas. For example, if you just have a few bald spots, choosing to conceal those spots with hair fibers is a faster, easier, and more subtle process than using an entire wig to hide your scalp (which will obviously be more noticeable).

Before and after of a man with thinning hair after using KeraFiber hair building fibers.

Unlike wigs or hair extensions, hair filler fibers blend seamlessly with your own hair and are almost impossible to detect. The best hair fibers on the market come with a variety of color options so that you can choose the one that most closely resembles your own hair color. For example, KeraFiber offers 9 different shades, ranging from black to auburn to blonde.

There you go! We've explained the benefits of hair building fibers and how they can satisfy your hair loss concealing needs more easily and quickly than wigs. Now it's up to you to give them a try! If you already have wigs you don't have to discard them — they call still be useful for special occasions while hair building fibers can become your go-to for everyday hair thickening.